BAXTER Bandana. Donate
BAXTER Bandana. Donate
BAXTER Bandana. Donate
BAXTER Bandana. Donate
$ 30.00

BAXTER Bandana. Donate

This bandana is rustic by nature but looks so charming on your dog! It's made from strips of hand torn fabrics in reds, yellows, and blues then machine stitched to create its unique surface design. The edges are left intentionally frayed to show the natural quality of the chambray. The bandana can be secured by tying the straps in a comfortable knot. These bandanas gain more character with each wash!

This bandana comes in two sizes, SMALL and LARGE. See below for dimensions and then select your desired size.

*Colors, finishes, and sizes may vary sightly from photos.


Total width (including straps): 27"
Bandana width (not including straps): 13"
Bandana length: 7

Total width (including straps): 42"
Bandana width (not including straps): 16"
Bandana length: 10.5"

CARE: Wash in cold water, do not bleach, hang dry.